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Office Policies

Health and Related Risks- Before your massage, I need to discuss your medical history with you. Certain conditions, injuries, and medications can affect the massage, as well as the health of both the client and the therapist.

Confidentiality- Any and all information discussed during a session is confidential and will stay between the therapist and the client. This includes attendance for actual massages. Unless given consent in writing, any entities (including family) that call for the whereabouts or health history of a particular client will be denied such information.

Arrival Time- Your scheduled appointment time already includes discussing goals with the therapist beforehand. Always plan to be in the office fifteen minutes longer than your service duration. Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance, and Those more than 15 minutes late will forfeit their session and meet to reschedule to avoid inconveniencing the next client.

Therapist Cancellation- In the event that the therapist has to cancel a session, the client will receive an extra 30 minutes on their next session.

Hygiene- Please shower the day of your session, and after any physical activity that may be performed before the massage.

Clothing- Under PA state law, clients will be covered by sheets at all times, and will be adjusted to only expose where the therapist is working. It is best to remove clothing down to undergarments, but it is ultimately up to the individual client's comfort level. (Note that your clothing will not be removed for a chair massage)

Tips- Tips are not necessary nor are they expected, but always appreciated.

Payment- Payment is expected at the time of service. I take cash or credit cards.

Altered States- Any client under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not receive bodywork.

Sexual Misconduct- Sexual misconduct will not be tolerated. Any client who makes any kind of sexual remark or gesture during the massage will be dismissed immediately and will be responsible for payment of the massage in full. Therapeutic massage is strictly non-sexual and genitalia are covered at all times.

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