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My Services & Prices

30 Minute Massage


Many people think that a 30 minute massage is a waste, but I disagree. This duration is a great option for people who want to try massage and have never had one, people who have never worked with me before, or people who need specific work in an area (for example, only leg work).

60 Minute Massage


A 60 minute massage is the most standard duration. Most full body massages (again, avoiding genetalia as this is a legitimate establishment) are 60 minutes.

90 Minute Massage


Most of my clients who choose a 90 minute massage need specific focus on knots on more than one area, but there are some who simply need 90 minutes to relax.

 I charge by time, not by technique.

Questions? Contact me at or Call/Text 717-823-3295

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My Bodywork Techniques


Swedish Massage

Rest and Relaxation

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Chair Massage

A Great Introduction to Massage

Sports massage on leg

Trigger Point Therapy

Pain Releif

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I offer chair massage for people who cannot lie on a table or are uncomfortable with removing clothing. The charge is $1 per minute.


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